Charitable Gift Annuity

You can make a gift and receive guaranteed fixed income payments for the rest of your life as well as a second person such as a spouse or significant other. Payments are typically much higher than your return on "safe" investment such as low-earning securities and CDs. The older the donor, the higher the rate of payout. After the donor, and the beneficiary if one has been designated, passes the remaining funds can be used by WISE & Healthy Aging.


Gift annuities are actually the most popular life income gift and among the easiest to manage. You, as the donor, receive a charitable gift deduction while the annuity replaces, and in many cases actually increases income to the donor.


Not sure when you are going to retire? You can still make a gift and receive guarantees fixed payments for life by setting up a gift annuity with a flexible start date.


Imagine that you are in your mid seventies and make a cash gift of $100,000 to WISE & Healthy Aging. Based on current rates, you will receive $5,800 per year for the rest of your life – that's a return of 5.8% for your lifetime! Based on the income tax charitable deduction (and figuring that the donor is in the 35% class) you will save $14,350 in income taxes! And, of the $5,800 you receive, about $4,000 will be tax free.



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Those considering a planned gift should consult their own legal and tax advisors. We would be happy to speak with your advisors as well.