Bridgett Labat Benmosche, PHR

Bridgett Labat Benmosche oversees Human Resources, including payroll, benefits and compliance matters at WISE & Healthy Aging. She is responsible for developing, directing and implementing employee-related policies and procedures that effectively foster an innovative culture, one that practices continuous improvement by capitalizing on the depth of existing talent, by encouraging a thirst for learning, and by establishing hiring practices that enable WISE & Healthy Aging to attract stellar candidates in the organization’s quest to maintain “Best Practice” status, enterprise-wide. In her role, Ms. Benmosche also ensures that all legal and governmental regulations effecting the Human Resources function meet, or exceed, compliance standards. Prior to joining WISE & Healthy Aging, She was the Human Resources Director at “Step Up on Second,” a nonprofit that delivers support, including housing, to people experiencing serious mental illness to help them recover, stabilize, and integrate into the community. Her professional experience includes six years managing Human Resources at ICANN (Internet Corp. for Assigned Names & Numbers), and HR work with Farmers Insurance Group, Pacific Bell and UCLA.  Ms. Benmosche holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications, has completed the Human Resources certificate program from UCLA, and holds master’s degree in HR Management/ Organizational Development.