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Club 1527

Club 1527 is a program of WISE & Healthy Aging, a nonprofit social services organization that has been serving the Santa Monica community for more than 40 years.  

The Club 1527 membership program offers a variety of EXERCISE classes (Qi Qong, Tai Chi, Chair Yoga, Zumba Gold and others), and GAMES (bridge, chess, mah jong and others), including CREATIVE ARTS classes in writing and drawing.  There are also PERSONAL GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT programming (meditation, conversational foreign language and English classes) as well as EXCURSIONS that include educational performing arts trips as well as outings to museums, exciting local and foreign sites and much more.  Discover a variety of intellectual, social and physical programs to stay active and healthy!

WISE & Healthy Aging is proud to work with the city of Santa Monica, through the Community Grants Program, in offering this program to older adults.

The concierge level of services within Club 1527 membership is modeled after the national “village” movement across the country. Added services support “aging in place” for those who want to stay living in their homes and still having the access to a wide range of activities and services, now and into the future. Let us be your “one-stop shop” in supporting your independent lifestyle. As a member who selects one of three “concierge” service levels, you always have someone to call who can help you to stay connected. Get support with transportation needs (medical appointments, grocery shopping, social events). Receive help with accessing vetted vendors for home repairs and personal services. We’ll even schedule a complimentary annual home inspection as part of your concierge-level membership. Concierge-level membership also offers members added discount savings on special events and/or services.

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Join today!  If you are at least 50 and would like to become a member, see fees below:  

Membership Levels

Club 1527 “Regular” 12-month Club 1527 membership is $20/person for Santa Monica residents and $45 per person for non-Santa Monica residents.*

Club 1527 “Regular-Plus” 12-month Club 1527 concierge-level membership is $240/person or $360/couple of same household. This includes week-day concierge assistance with information, research and/or service coordination; access to vetted vendors (and discounts where applicable), annual home safety inspection (free batteries for smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors in one residence), attendance at special events and occasional transportation support (2 roundtrips or 4 one-way rides for the one-person membership or 3 roundtrips or 6 one-way rides for a couples membership, over a 12-month membership period)

Club 1527 “Deluxe” 12-month Club 1527 concierge-level membership is $585/person or $875/couple of same household. This includes all that’s under the “Regular-Plus” concierge membership, with transportation support 24 times (one-way trips) for a one-person membership or 32 time (one-way trips) for a couple’s membership over the 12-month membership period (to events, appointments, etc.).

Club 1527 “Premier” 12 month Club 1527 concierge-level membership is $1,150/person or $1,725/couple same household. This includes all that’s under the “Regular-Plus” concierge membership, with transportation support 52 times (one-way trips) for a one-person membership or 66 times (one-way trips) for a couples membership over the 12-month membership period (to events, medical appointments, assistance with grocery shopping, etc.). In addition, this concierge level has the option of receiving a daily week day “check-in” call and/or a once-a-month “friendly visits.”

* If you are a Santa Monica resident of limited financial circumstances, there is a verification process for a fully-covered scholarship for a membership through the City of Santa Monica Community Grants Program. Please see Club 1527 staff for form.

Photo ID is Required for all accepted memberships (i.e. valid driver's license, passport or California ID card).  Santa Monica residents must provide additional proof of residency (i.e. current utility bill or phone bill)

Membership Applications and Renewals are Accepted
Mondays: 12 noon - 2 pm and Fridays 10 am - 12 noon

Club 1527
1527 4th Street, 1st Floor
Phone:  (310) 857-1527
Hours:    9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Cane-Fu Master Teaches Club 1527 Members!

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