Programs & Services

In-Home Services

Consistent with our commitment to preserve the independence of older adults for as long as possible, WISE & Healthy Aging offers several services that support older adults to “age in place.” Our Care Management services ensure that seniors are getting the care that is needed, including help with the demands of managing their finances through our Personal Money Management Program.  Our In-Home Services also includes regular visitation to help offset feelings of isolation and loneliness through our Friendly Visitors Program.  

Each program is designed to help seniors live independently and avoid premature institutionalization by relieving them of some of the burdens of daily duties and tasks which they can no longer manage on their own. Some seniors have disabilities that make normal daily activities a challenge, others are frail and simply require assistance with more strenuous activities, while some have cognitive disabilities that make managing their financial affairs a challenge. Through regular visitation and interaction, our care managers, trained volunteers and representatives are dedicated to relieving the hardship that can often come with living independently at an older age. and in helping to enable elders to continue thriving on their own. 

For more information on our In-Home Services program, including any one of its services, please call (310) 394-9871.

Care Management in the Home

As we age, many of us need some help to continue living independently. Without it, seniors can be forced to give up cherished independence for premature institutionalization. WISE & Healthy Aging Care Management offers a variety of services to ease the burdens faced by frail/elderly seniors and adults with disabilities. With the addition of some services to help with the tasks of daily living, these individuals can keep living independently. Whether the family lives at a distance or across town, care management can provide peace of mind and access to resources that caregivers may not even realize are available. Our professional Care Managers begin with an in-depth assessment in the home of each individual's specific needs. From this, they create a personalized plan of care. Many of our clients may be coping with low incomes, chronic medical conditions and social isolation. Our Care Managers then advocate on their behalf to ensure they get the help they need to improve their self-sufficiency and quality of life. This highly effective program allows the frail elderly and adults with disabilities to live safely in their own homes. Half of those served are between 80 and 100 years old; 70% have some disability; and almost all have a high degree of frailty. More than 90% of the clients served are able to continue to live independently in the community.

Services Offered

An in-depth psychosocial assessment is conducted in the client's home, after an intake is taken over the phone. This assessment is conducted by one of our professional care managers. A plan of care is developed with the client and goals are established. The care managers will assist in setting up the needed services and provide the individual and family with the needed resources. The goal of Care Management is to make it possible for the individual served to safely remain in his or her home. We can help set up Meals on Wheels, arrange transportation, and refer to agencies for Adult Day Care, safety equipment in the home, money management and caregiver services, including In Home Supportive Services.

Contact a Care Manager

To speak with a care manager, please call (310) 394-9871. We are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Personal Money Management Support

When the demands of maintaining one's finances become difficult because of physical or mental challenges, WISE & Healthy Aging steps in to assist. The Money Management Program began in 1990 and is designed to help maintain the highest possible level of independence for persons who are having difficulty managing their daily financial activities. The program provides in-home assistance with budgeting and bill paying or other financial needs. For those who need more advanced maintenance of their income and monies from government assistance programs, we can serve as a Representative Payee. All cases include an initial professional assessment by a specially-trained case manager, followed by regular visits. Help may be needed when:

  • A person who has always taken care of the family finances is no longer available
  • Physical disabilities prevent travel to the bank or other financial institutions
  • Memory loss inhibits keeping track of income and bills being paid on a timely basis
  • Caregivers are caught unaware or unprepared and need assistance
  • A Representative Payee or family surrogate is needed for Social Security or other entitlement beneficiaries

WISE & Healthy Aging's Personal Money Management Program offers:

  • Connections with other financial resources and information on insurance, Medicare and Medi-Cal
  • Assistance with completing claim forms, monthly check writing, maintaining and balancing checkbook, and
  • Services to clients on Social Security or government pensions who need a trustworthy person to act as a designated agent for handling their government benefits.
  • Help with financial difficulties such as negotiating payment plans with creditors, applying for government benefits, and income tax preparation

The Money Management Program is audited regularly by the Social Security Administration. There is a fee for Personal Money Management services, based on a sliding scale. For more information on the Money Management Program, please call (310) 394-9871.

Friendly Visitors Program

Isolation and loss of social interaction due to poor health, lack of transportation or other issues are contributing factors to depression and self-neglect. The Friendly Visitors Program offered by WISE & Healthy Aging works to bring volunteers into the lives and homes of lonely, isolated seniors. The Friendly Visitors Program at WISE & Healthy Aging provides great source of support for older adults who are homebound and isolated. An initial professional assessment is followed by regular visits by volunteers.

Whether it's reading, playing cards, or just talking, our volunteer friendly visitors provide support and contact with the world around us.

For information on our Friendly Visitors program, or to become a volunteer, please call (310) 394-9871.